Construction progress continues

Our new projects are well underway with our first lot of villas nearly at completion in Toowoomba and site works substantially underway in Cardiff in Newcastle. It’s an exciting time for us as new residents prepare to move into our newest villages.

We are waiting for the ground to dry out a bit in Yeppoon as we eagerly await commencement of site works. We have a number of residents already signed up and ready to move in once villas are completed. This will be our second village in this wonderful part of Australia. If a sea change interests you then you really should take a look at the village plans and the area in general. It’s almost impossible not to relax up there!

We have seen strong interest in Kingston Tasmania these last few weeks. The guys held another open day down there last weekend and some sales were made. Like Yeppoon in the north of the country, the Kingston area is one of the most relaxing places you could ever hope to visit or live.

As we approach the colder months of the year it may be an opportunity to consider a move to a warmer climate. Cairns as an example offers an almost perfect winter with little or no rain and amazing temperatures. Rockhampton in central Queensland is another location with a great climate particularly in the winter. Of course if you are like me, and the cold weather appeals, our villages in Melbourne, Toowoomba and Warwick will fit the bill. In fact we cover such a wide geographical reach that you can almost tailor the weather to suit!

Life in a village is much more than the weather though. Maintenance free, new friends – is just the start.

I’m on the road this week in Toowoomba and Warwick and will call into our Brisbane villages. I’m looking forward to catching up with some residents as we get around but sometimes they are so busy having fun it’s hard to locate them.

Until next week,
Warm regards


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