Cairns – Tropical Paradise

I just got back from a trip to our Cairns village to see how progress is going on our next lot of villas under construction. Ironically, it was cooler up there than in Brisbane which suffered heat wave conditions for most of this week.

We have a number of new residents scheduled to move into the village in the next month or so hence the frantic building activity! Progress is in line with our schedule – the weather has been good to us with limited wet days – one senses though that the rains are not far away and so we are eager to finish before too long.

Whilst in Cairns I was reminded of the effort and contribution our residents make to our gardens in all of our villages. In Cairns, the residents are fully engaged in making their own personal spaces the best they can be. This includes the internals of their villas but it’s the outside areas that really catch your eye when visiting the village.  Like most gardens, improvements do not happen overnight. There are many hours invested in making these gardens the best they can be – importantly, this work is all done on a volunteer basis. Accordingly, we are very grateful to the residents who invest their time in their gardens. These are for all to enjoy – residents, visitors and of course us when we get the chance to visit. I would like to publically thank and acknowledge the efforts of our residents right across the villages on the gardening front. Thanks guys.

Of course, if you have no real interest in gardening that’s fine too! We are responsible for keeping our gardens at a high standard so you don’t have to worry. Of course like all things related to running villages, we are appreciative of the suggestions of our residents. The trick is to treat the maintenance of gardens and lawns as a partnership – we all want the same thing – great gardens to enhance the quality of our villages.

I regularly remind our Cairns residents of just how good their village looks – they have high standards and rightly so. I’m off to Yeppoon next week – we start building our pool there in the next week or so – I’ll have to take my swimmers up there from next year on. That’ll be interesting…

until next time

Warm regards

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