Between a rock & a hard place

Further to my previous “blog” we are on the way to lodge new DA approvals for Mackay, Ballina and Dubbo. Oak Tree doesn’t stop for anything. We forge ahead at a good pace and soak up the problems with grace. Orange seems to be our focal point for all our extremes on sites. Last time it was the snow and they kept going. This time it’s Orange again and the rock is so strong that it seems a pity to replace it with concrete. The rock is approximately ten times stronger than the concrete used in the villas. This is a great metaphor for our construction team. The guys, especially George, keep on keeping on. As John Lennon said” there are no problems only solutions”.



Its 6 months since I embarked the Oak Tree ship and I have to say it has flown by. Thanks one and all for the support.



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