Beautiful Kingston

This week I had great pleasure in venturing down South to what I personally believe is our most pretty village – Kingston in Hobart Tasmania.

The chill is most certainly evident in the air already down there but as my good luck would have it I seemed to bring the sunshine with me as is usually the case whenever I travel.

I was down to check on the progress of the village community centre and to do some last minute spending on the company credit card getting all the bits and pieces required to ensure it is a fully complete and functional facility from the get go.

There is always so much work that goes into the construction and opening of a  community centre. The builders have been working non stop, as has the Village Manager Greg to keep everyone in toe.

Then there is the fit out and interior design! As glamorous as it sounds it’s a lot of hard work and effort too and on many a time I found myself missing my colleague Christy who usually ventures on these trips to lend a hand. I’m deviating a bit from the story but this is exciting news so I thought I would fit it in here –  As I was carrying heavy bags to my car and thinking I was missing the extra set of hands, it turns out Christy was hard at work herself. She was in labour with her second daughter who arrived safely into the world Tuesday morning. I am pleased to report Mum and baby Lucia are doing well.

So back to the fit out of the community centre – whilst there is still a bit to do on site, in just a few short weeks the community centre will be open for our resident’s use, with the bowls green set to start shortly too. Having seen many of our village facilities across the group, this one certainly is one of our finest!

Until next week


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