ANZAC Day This Thursday

Winter for me is one of the great times of the year. Growing up in a very cold climate meant learning to adapt to our surroundings. I remember my mother often saying, “it’s a lot easier to get warm than it is to get cool,”…even to this day I’m not sure if she is right or not! Try telling yourself that when it’s minus 8 and you don’t have gloves or pockets!The change of season is a great time. Watching autumn transform the countryside is one of nature’s great shows. Even if you live in a very hot climate, the colder months bring relief from relentless rain, humidity and just plain hot days. I’ve been on the road recently touring some of the villages and its great to see trees and gardens transforming. As ANZAC Day approaches, it reminds me of it being the day the older folks on the Tablelands referred to it as the ‘first frost of the season.’

Of course ANZAC Day really isn’t about the weather but about our history – sacrifice, commitment, friendship, loss, hope and freedom. It’s arguably one of our most important days as Australians (and New Zealanders) where we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Regardless of your views on war, these men and women gave their lives for a cause they often had no choice in fighting for. My Grandfather was a POW in the feared Changi Prison so for my family it’s about remembering him and his mates that didn’t come home.

I hope ANZAC Day is as much about joy as it is about sadness for you and your family. We can rejoice in the knowledge that our fallen relatives have created one of the greatest countries on earth for us to enjoy.

We will remember them.

Until next week
Warm Regards

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