An Oak Tree journey

And so the blog pen is ceremoniously passed onto me….I actually Googled what Blog stood for..did you know that a Blog is actually a shortened version of the word weblog..meaning diary entry….So lets give it a go..

I’ve been lucky enough to work for Oak Tree for the past 4 years and in my time have experienced working in many departments including Construction, Operations and Marketing.  This has given me a real insight into the full running of a village, from vacant sites, building approvals and the Construction stage, through to Marketing a village and Grand Open Days, then in turn welcoming new Residents to the Oak Tree family.  I can honestly say that everyone at Oak Tree has a real passion for what they do and committed to providing the best quality housing at affordable prices..and what a way to spend your retirement years – no longer having to worry about gardening or general maintenance,  in turn leaving extra time to spend enjoying activities in the Community Centre, lazing in the pool, getting competitive in a game of bowls or two, or kicking back and planning your next holiday adventure, safe in the knowledge that your home is being looked after in your returning to a metre high lawn to mow!  As Tarin mentioned in her blog a couple of weeks ago, there is certainly no downtime at Oak Tree.  We are already planning well into next year for some exciting new villages due to open.  I’m currently sitting in Head Office with only 2 other people as the rest of the team are all out and about in meetings, visiting villages, checking on Construction…diaries are positively bursting at the seams!

Its amazing to see the end result though… I remember attending my first Open Day in Goodna when I first joined the Oak Tree team and before I had entered the Community Centre, I could hear a guitar playing, residents singing and roars of laughter…I remember thinking..these guys have a better social life than I do!!  And that is what its all about, meeting new friends, even reuniting with old friends, and enjoying fun filled days or some peace and sanctuary in your villa.  A resident mentioned to me once..’You need to make the move whilst still young enough to enjoy it!’… There is nothing nicer than going out to a village and residents coming up to you to tell you how happy they are and how it was the best move they ever made…it makes my day!

With Christmas just around the corner, what a great time to get together with family, enjoy some downtime and think about your plans for next year..maybe come along and drop us a visit…it could be a New Year and a New Start for you!

Until next week


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