Ageing Gracefully

I caught up with my Grandparents recently who live in Warwick, a southern QLD city where Oak Tree has a village on the Condamine River. Unfortunately the village didn’t exist when they needed to move into more suitable accommodation so they reside in a local nursing home, Akoramac. They are very happy there which is great.

They really are an incredible couple – my Grandfather turns 103 in July this year and my Grandmother 98. They have been married 77 years which is virtually unheard of.

Health has always been a major part of their lives in the sense that it has defined the various steps along the way in terms of how they live day to day. Obviously we all get older each day and our needs change as our health status changes…we may not be as mobile, we may have cardiac or respiratory needs, we may need regular consultation with a GP or nurse or any number of other things affecting our lifestyle.

At Oak Tree, we are acutely aware of these changing needs through time and strive to ensure we can provide the best environment possible for people to move through life changing stages. It’s not just about mobility but also about comfort, support, information, alert systems and much more. It’s as important to us as design and location of villages.

We’d welcome the opportunity to talk you through what Oak Tree can do for you – a visit to one of our villages will certainly have you asking important questions. Maybe you’ll make the move like hundreds of others and not look back.

We’d love to hear from you.

Until next week,

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