Accessing Care When Needed

Whilst Oak Tree Retirement Villages are independent living accommodation options it might interest you to know that you can still access care and home assist from within your villa if and when you require it.

All of our villages have good working relationships with quality care providers in their areas. Churches of Christ for example do a lot of work within our Oak Tree Villages. Their care nurses are regular visitors to many of our complexes and not only step you through eligibility assessments in a easy to understand manner, but can provide you with information on a wide array of different services you may be eligible for that you didn’t even know existed.

Care providers can offer you heath, domestic and social outing services all from within the comfort of your villa.

Whether it is something you need now, or sometime down the road; whether it is a form of assistance you require for a long time, or only for a short time; ask your Village Manager to help you coordinate an appointment with a chosen care provider and see how easy accessing care at Oak Tree can be.

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