A new face in the team

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Leonardo Torti, better known as Len, and I have been recently welcomed into the Oak Tree family as a full time member of the construction team. I am a sort of chameleon but with a particular focus on design co-ordination, approvals and construction contracts. I have been supporting our venerable Construction Manager, George, during this exciting and expansive phase since the beginning of March.

I am delighted to join the “Oak Tree” family. It’s certainly prophetic for me to be part of Oak Tree. I am taking the next step in my career and my understanding of the underlying ancient meaning of an oak tree is a door. Certainly for me a new door has been opened. According to Merlin even legendary King Arthur’s round table was wrought from a slice of oak tree trunk and I find the Oak Tree experience a kind of Camelot. I am not superstitious but all bodes well for the future.

I come to you with 40 years’ experience in design, construction and project management in diverse areas including: residential housing and units; hotels including four 5star; commercial including pubs, clubs, cotton, poultry and meat industry; shop fitting and child care construction et al. Most recently I have been engaged in Q.A. and systems development for large constructors e.g. Hilton Hotel Surfers Paradise.

I am a grandfather now and my wife and I enjoy our family life but we still manage to fit in some travel, sailing (Jan as a spectator), classic and vintage cars and charity work. Not to forget food and wine.

Thank you Oak Tree for a great opportunity.



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