A meeting of great minds

Oak Tree Village Managers and staff came together last week for the annual Manager’s conference which was hosted at our Warwick Village.

Team members from as far north as Cairns to the south in Tasmania delighted in touring the town of Warwick which is currently celebrating the Jumpers and Jazz festival and meeting some of our residents. Fortunately, for our northern Managers, the weather was extremely kind and mild.

Our focus on providing affordable accommodation to seniors in regional areas results in being geographically spread across the eastern coastline, and therefore, it is imperative our Managers feel part of a team and maintain a sense of belonging. Interactive workshops revealed a few things: No matter where you are in this great country of ours, if you make your way to an Oak Tree Village you will be at home and comfortable in ‘any’ of the wonderful villages. The other was it appears the same statement resonates from village to village and that is residents saying, “I wish I had made the move sooner.”

We seem to attract the same like-minded people everywhere we pop up. Coincidence – I think not!

Dedicated to becoming leaders in the industry (not necessarily the biggest operator) I was comforted and delighted to see first hand the level of commitment and dedication our Village Managers have in ensuring our residents are happy, safe and above all, enjoying their retirement years.

Thank you to all of our residents who understand the need to bring our management team together for regular training and an extended acknowledgement to the support teams who plugged the gap as representatives last week – we greatly appreciate you all.

If you are contemplating a move to a retirement village, pop in to meet one of our Managers. They are extremely well trained and versed in retirement living and will provide with answers to your questions without hesitation.

Who knows, you may become a member of the Oak Tree family earlier then you anticipated.

Until we meet again…


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