A massive weekend in Toowoomba

A BIG BIG BIG weekend of activity in Toowoomba this past weekend with the grand opening of our Village Centre which includes a beautifully appointed community centre, bowling green, in-ground swimming pool and spacious sun deck.

Honorary guest Clive Berghofer official opened the Community Centre in the presence of our many wonderful residents, their friends and general public who came to view the village.It was an extremely busy weekend as we welcomed more than 60 groups to tour our facilities and view recently completed two and three bedroom villas.

For me the greatest highlight was to witness our residents enjoying the centre facilities (I’m sure some of the men had to be pried away by their wives from the pool table at the end of each day).

The bowling green received a good thorough work out also with many having a go for the first time.

The village is located in the University precinct in the south west of the city and is not only quiet and peaceful but has convenient access to daily amenities all with in a short distance.

A personal thank you to our team Amy, Sharon, Christy, Mark and Franco who welcomed the public and showcased our beautiful village, but furthermore I wish to acknowledge our residents who assisted with hosting visitors and openly shared their personal experience of living with Oak Tree.
Without residents contributing to the village community – there wouldn’t be an Oak Tree worth sharing.

If you would like to know more about Oak Tree Toowoomba, call Amy today. She loves a good chat. 1300 367 155

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