A long time since I was on roller skates!

You’ve heard the saying “get your skates on” or “hitting the ground running”. Well that’s been my world for the last three or so months since joining OAK TREE!

As the group has grown, with many new villages under construction and opening over the next twelve to eighteen months, the Directors realised that there was not twenty five hours in a day nor eight days in a week available to Marco and Melissa to be responsible for both the day to day asset and business management, as well as the development, construction and sales duties for their respective portfolios.

So my role of National Operations Manager was created and I joined the group just prior to Christmas last year. In short my responsibilities cover the asset management, cost effective business management and compliance aspects of our village operations, working together on a day-to-day basis with our team of Village Managers and support teams.

I come from a thirty plus year career in hospitality management, most recently being responsible for a large group of apartment hotels, residences and conference centres in Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand. There’s a lot of parallels between that industry and the Retirement Village sector. One of the more pleasant one’s is that now my guests stay longer, so the opportunity to establish friendships is greater!

So roller skates? Yes – I’ve been racking up the frequent flyer points as I get around to all our villages to meet the residents and become familiar with each operation. The downside to this is my waistline has increased as a result of the most fabulous array of scones, lamingtons, sponge cakes, sandwiches and other goodies provided at the many of the resident’s morning teas I’ve attended! Maybe I need to roller skate some more!

Exciting times are ahead for OAK TREE as we grow, and it’s great to be on board.

Have a Happy and safe Easter.


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