A Healthy Future

Life can be unpredictable – one minute we have our future seemingly mapped out and the next it can change. It may be a financial issue, family issue, or as we get older, a health issue.

Part of our focus and what we offer our residents is comfort that we are aware and cognisant of the fact that time leads to changes in our lifestyle requirements. Health issues obviously become of greater concern the older we get and this is an important element in what Oak Tree does. 

It starts with basic design elements in the villas – limiting steps, trip hazards, ease of access, low maintenance etc are all aspects of design that we are constantly reviewing and looking to improve.

Our big area of focus moving forward though is one of bringing care to our residents as they age. We are working at present with groups who are actively bringing care programs to seniors in our catchments. There are a number of government funded programs that are potentially accessible by our residents. Our role is to bring these services to the attention of our residents as well as facilitate their implementation in the future. This is an exciting area for us – whilst we are not care providers, we see ourselves involved to the point of connecting residents with these registered providers.

We will keep you posted on developments in this regard – the aim to is to allow residents to remain in the villages as long as possible, maximising their lifestyle and enjoyment.

Until next time, warm regards


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