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Hi everyone,

This is my first attempt at writing a blog so please be considerate with your judgement…after reading Gary’s first attempt of a blog I knew that I did not have a hard act to follow…it reminded me about the comedy “Seinfeld” which was based on a show about nothing so after reading Gary’s blog I am still trying to understand what it was about?

Just in case some of you did not know where I fit into the Oak Tree family tree, I am responsible for the construction of the villages. I have been working in the construction retirement sector for the last 13 years and with the Oak Tree Group for the past 4 years.

As most of you all know, construction has picked up in the last 4 months. We have all but completed the first stage of the our first village in Cardiff NSW.   (Being from NSW it is great to see we have a village in the Premier State and home of the mighty Blues who I am positive will put an end to the Queensland reign of the State of Origin next year!) We are also about to expand on our villages in Warwick with another 9 villas and infrastructure for a further 20 villas. In Cairns we are constructing anther 6 villas, one of which is already completed and occupied, 4 are at lock up and we are about to start the frames and trusses on the next villa. Our second village in Yeppoon, Capricorn Coast has been slow going as we had a lot of rain which has really soaked the ground and made it impossible to get machines on site to start excavations. We have had some great photos of 20 tonne excavators sinking 300mm! Thankfully with some dry weather the site is starting to dry out and we are now seeing some progress on site and we should have construction under way in the coming weeks.

Some of the other sites that we will be commencing in the coming months will be new villages in Townsville, where stage one will consist of 6 villas. A new site we have purchased in Burpengary currently consists of 56 completed villas with approximately 90% already occupied. However there is another 25 to construct, 10 of those will start construction in the next few weeks. One of our most picturesque villages, Kingston in Hobart,  is about to start their Community Centre, so across the board there is a lot of action in the construction department which is fantastic.

So as you can see it is a very exciting time for construction with so many new villas about to be constructed, and so many choices for incoming residents both in terms of location and design.

So until next time.  I hope you all enjoyed catching up with the construction department.


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