National Resident’s survey

The Oak Tree Group have recently participated in a national survey of retirement villages which covered over 500 villages across the nation with more than 80,000 residents being asked to participate.

The independent survey was developed by professional researchers in consultation with many residents around the country. The results of the survey will help the industry to learn what residents value and what we can improved upon and governments to develop supportive regulations.

The Oak Tree Group believe that it is important to hear directly from their residents on a regular basis to constantly improve the village experience. Outside broad-based industry surveys, there are regular Village forums held at most Oak Tree villages.

The village forums allow Oak Tree residents to be updated on local matters and discuss ideas of mutual interest as a group. In any community such as an Oak Tree village it is important to consider the opinions of all concerned and seek consensus for proposals or changes.

Oak Tree villages are small by industry standards and it is the personal nature of our relationships with residents that allows for regular contact. At the Oak Tree Group, it is important for residents to feel that they have a voice and that all opinions are respected.