After a well earned Easter break…

Easter was a timely break for Oak Tree after a rigorous start to 2013. Many of our staff have been travelling extensively over the last few months to launch new projects as well as conducting at least 8 open days around the country. Whilst we enjoy what we do, a break now and then is most welcome!!!

We have received a lot of enquiry over the last few days. As I mentioned last week, Easter is a time for many to catch up with family and potentially discuss the next stage in life…this may include a move into a retirement village. Judging by the enquiry level over the last 48 hours I think there were lots of discussions along these lines over the Easter break!

I was thinking about the enormity of the decision associated with a move into a village for our residents. It’s not just the downsizing, but new neighbours, a new location as well as a new style of living. For the overwhelming majority of our residents the move is a great decision for them but it doesn’t detract from the fact that it is a challenging time for most. Most agree that after the settling in period, life goes in a new and exciting direction.

We have staff here to assist in the transition so you are not alone. Additionally, many residents who have paved the way before them are there to assist and support new comers to the villages.

Its worth picking up the phone and making contact with Oak Tree to see if the time is right for a change in lifestyle. Our experience is that many are pleasantly surprised with what they see on visiting a village. Villages are about getting younger, not older.

I trust you had a safe and relaxing Easter break and we’d love to hear from you.

Warm Regards

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