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All in a day's work in Yeppoon

Our Directors and Regional Managers sure do have the hard jobs - this week they fancied a dip in our newest pool!

A hard day on the job - Mark remembered to bring his swimmers and was first in, whilst Melissa cursed herself for forgetting hers and opted to dangle her feet instead.

Asked how this fits into their job description - both remarked they had to "test" it to make sure it was ok for the residents!  And it was!

Our gorgeous pool is so inviting and certainly looks more and more welcoming as the weather turns up the heat.

All residents are now looking forward to the next Director's Dinner which will be held in November and will focus around the pool. Perhaps we might get our pool party after all!


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Regional Manager Melissa

Regional Manager Melissa

dangling her feet in our new pool

Director Mark Bindon couldn't wait to get in

Director Mark Bindon couldn't wait to get in

Hard day at work?

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