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The Oak Tree Difference

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Oak Tree Retirement Villages are committed to helping residents gain more from their retirement by offering a generous and affordable purchase model.
Offering an affordable choice of one, two and three bedroom homes in both metropolitan and regional locations, we continually fine tune our product offering, design, construction and management models to set the benchmark that delivers an attainable opportunity to enjoy carefree retirement lifestyles with high quality homes and convenient facilities.

"The integrity and quality of the Oak Tree product is in no way jeopardised by their quest to remain affordable to the average retiree. If anything, they have considered what really counts and have paid attention to the detail, not only in the construction of the village, but also in their management and shaping of the care-free lifestyle on offer. Since we made the move to Oak Tree we are content in knowing we have everything we need at our finger tips, and best of all money still in our bank account to enjoy our retirement years."
Carmel and Terry Mitchell, Oak Tree Cairns Residents
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Focus Areas

Oak Tree Retirement Villages has both a strong regional and metropolitan focus when it comes to choosing the locations of our villages.
All too often, seniors have no choice but to move to the nearest bigger city to access the services and facilities they require as their needs change with age.  This is simply due to a lack of supportive infrastructure in many regional areas such as purpose built retirement villages.  At Oak Tree, we believe our regional communities are left deprived of the warmth, wisdom and history that our seniors bring to our neighbourhoods. They are in fact the essence of the community.

In choosing new locations for our villages which are close to retail facilities as well as medical and social support facilities, Oak Tree Retirement Villages aims to ensure more seniors can stay and thrive within the local communities they know and love.

Oak Tree will continue to identify both metropolitan and regional locations that can benefit from its facilities - this will ensure quality of life is improved for seniors in their own surrounds.

“When you have lived in the same area for most of your life and have come to depend on the familiarity of your home and its various surrounds, climate and facilities, when you have made friends here and raised families here....why do you need to leave all of your precious memories behind? don’t.”
Mark Bindon, Managing Director


Whether you are looking for yourself or for your loved ones, we welcome all of our residents as part of our Oak Tree family.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages understands that the transition into a village lifestyle can be an overwhelming one which is why we pride ourselves on being here, every step of the way, both during your move and once you have settled into your new home with Oak Tree.

Unlike other retirement accommodation providers, Oak Tree Villages are smaller in scale – an intentional decision to help encourage a closer-knit community environment where you can form new friends easily, belong and contribute as part of a community, feel a sense of security and still live independently with all of the freedom and privacy you deserve.

We genuinely care for you and your loved ones and believe it is our role to stand with you and help pave the way to a richer, fuller way of life and many happy retirement years.

The Team

The Oak Tree Group believes wholeheartedly that all staff benefit from being involved in the village activities. This helps us to learn how best to meet the needs of our residents and ensure continuous improvement to enhance our village offerings.

By engaging with our residents, we are reminded of the service we provide and why it is important to seniors around Australia.

All our staff, no matter their department or job role, have the opportunity to visit Oak Tree villages whether to interact with residents or to participate in various events and open days we host.

This is why Oak Tree Villages have such a welcoming environment and strong community atmosphere.