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Retirement Benefits & Facilities

Maintenance Free Living


Many residents make the move to Oak Tree Retirement Villages looking for a lower maintenance lifestyle. Quite often the family home has become too big, the yards and gardens increasingly more difficult to maintain, the house more challenging to clean, and just as soon as everything is tended to, the cycle starts all over again!

In fact industry research shows the idea of downsizing while it is still easy is the second most influential factor causing people to consider a move into a retirement village.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages offer an opportunity to downsize to a more manageable style of home which gives you or your loved ones, less time worrying about maintaining the home and more time to enjoy life and the things that really matter.

  • Brand new or near new homes of a high quality condition ready for you just to move in
  • All lawns maintained for you
  • All gardens maintained for you, unless you prefer to look after your own garden yourself
  • All external maintenance of your villa taken care of for you
  • All maintenance and cleaning of village common areas and facilities maintained for you
Security And Peace Of Mind


Whether you are on your own or with your spouse, being around like-minded others in a secure community environment can bring a great sense of peace and comfort to you and just as importantly, your loved ones.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages are gated communities that are staffed by a Village Manager, and in some cases a Support Team, who help manage and maintain the village making sure everything runs accordingly. You can take comfort in knowing assistance is always at hand.

Companionship And Social Activity


Loneliness, a loss of a spouse or simply coming to the realisation that the area in which you live has changed significantly and people have moved on, is another major reason why many have made Oak Tree Retirement Villages home.

Oak Tree residents are all over the age of 55 and as such, are all at similar stages in their lives. Finding like minded friends and neighbours is easier at Oak Tree if you want to extend your social circle.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages offer smaller, close-knit communities where social activity and companionship can thrive. Our village community centres are usually bustling with residents enjoying craft classes, card games, morning teas – the list continues. Oak Tree residents enjoy a strong camaraderie with their fellow neighbours balanced with the knowledge that they can enjoy the privacy and peace and quiet of their own home if they so wish.

Facilities And Services


While all Oak Tree Retirement Villages are different, each village offers a selection of facilities and services for our resident's use and leisure.

At the heart of all of our villages are our Village Community Centres. Essentially the social hub where all activity takes place, they are often complimented by an outdoor swimming pool or bowls green, or both in some cases.

From within the village community centres residents can participate in social activities, relax with friends family or seek the assistance of the Village staff. Oak Tree Community Centres and facilities are an extension of your home – as an Oak Tree resident you are most welcome to come and go and use the facilities as often, or as little as you wish.

Health And Wellbeing


Declining health is the number one cause for concern for seniors and the most influential factor triggering people to consider moving into a retirement village.

Whilst Oak Tree Retirement Villages are independent living communities, we do pay particular attention to supporting your health and well-being, now and in the future, as your needs change.

  • Our villas are more specifically designed for aging in place. They are smaller in size making them easier for you or your loved ones to manage, and are designed in such a way to eliminate, where possible, unnecessary steps, bending/reaching, and slip hazards.
  • Emergency respond/support services are available in our villages via independent service providers. Residents are able to directly engage their own Independent Service Providers whilst residing at our villages. 
  • Whether you need help now or further down the track, many Oak Tree residents access in-home care from any number of local care service providers. Oak Tree can help you to coordinate an assessment with an in-home care provider who will help tailor a program to suit your specific needs.