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A great volunteer in Park Avenue

At the end of last year, Clive Harris, our very own pocket dynamo, retired  after 20 years volunteering at Schotia Place, the local Senior Citizens Centre.

Every Thursday, without fail, Clive was up with the sparrows and down in the kitchen at Schotia Place helping to prepare the 2 course meal for Thursday's Seniors Luncheon. With the meals only costing $5 and morning tea and entertainment thrown in, it was very popular. Many a time he would come back to tell me how many 100’s of meals he helped prepare.

So last week Clive was invited back, to be waited on for a change, as he received a gold watch, flowers and a certificate for the many years of service to the club.  He was thrilled!

We are so proud to have such a great volunteer and hard worker in our misdt. 








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Clive Harris - awarded for his years of service

Clive Harris - awarded for his years of service

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