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Warwick's pool a hit

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Sharon Rankin is one of Oak Tree Warwick's that has taken to the pool like a duck to water !

So keen is she to use the pool for it’s therapeutic uses.  She is found once a day if not twice doing her water aerobics rountine.  Several other residents have been inspired by Sharon and also use the pool throughout the day as does one of our new residents who comes down after dark for a little dip on a balmy evening in warwick of late. 

Congratulations Warwick Residents for embracing your fears, foes or folly’s and having a go.  Now we have our new solar blanket installed by our boys at Poolwerxs, Chris & David the ladies will be able to swim all year round.

Our village becoming a little more environmentally friendly and sustainable which the residents are gradually working on as we have the luxury of plently of land and space around us.



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