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Warwick's love of music gets people on the move

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Nothing brings people together more than music, and Warwick certainly is one of our most musical villages.

Proving you are never to old to love music, sing a tune or dance to a beat, Oak Tree residents spent the afternoon enjoying the wonderful music performed by our resident band members playing some lively tunes.

Finding it too hard to resist the urge to move to the beat we even had a few couples get up and dance the afternoon away, with some chopping and changing of partners just for the fun of it.

Ron asked his mother in law Grace for a dance, Quita soon cut in, June broke tradition and asked Sid for a dance, whilst Quita then thought Frank should join in too. Not much of a dance, Frank did a splendid job.

Ron, always the larrikin, carved up the floor with Grace once more, whilst the band never missed at beat.

It was such a lovely atmosphere with lots of laughter and lively activity. It is fair to say, our residents would give some youngies a run for their money.



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