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Just a bit nippy!

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Winter is definitely upon us at Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick where things are...just a bit nippy!

Temperatures are dropping down to the minuses and the winter woollies are out in all their colour and flair. Residents are seen huddling together as they scurry over to the community centre where they still catch up for their morning cuppas and catchups in the comfort and warmth of the community centre. 

There's no doubt that dropping temperatures are a cause for concern for many seniors still living in their family homes who continue to grapple with the ongoing maintenance of their properties and yards in these freezing conditions. Not to mention the health ailments which can show their ugly heads when the days get colder. 

For Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick residents, however, these burdens and concerns are a thing of the past. Across all four seasons, Oak Tree Residents are living a life of relaxation and enjoyment, doing the things they love, whilst Oak Tree Managment takes full responsibilty for all lawns, gardens and external villa maintenance. For our residents this means there is no more mowing, pruning, cleaning out gutters, climbing ladders, doing repairs or performing laborious tasks which they may no longer be able to safely perform.  And who would want to in sub zero temperatures? 

If you are considering a warmer winter, consider Oak Tree. We would love to show you around our beautiful village.

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