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We love it when our residents are green thumbs.

At Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick, there is little need to be a keen gardener as all of the gardens are generally maintained by our village staff, however, if you are a green thumb then of course you can take care of your gardens around your villa if you so wish!

Residents always put their own spin on things - plant their own plants, position their own ornaments and really make their gardens as individual as they are. Looking around our village it is amazing to see everything blossoming, the vibrant splashes of colour and the level of care and pride our residents take in their gardens.

Ted and June are avid gardeners. The have put in some wonderful work and have turned what is technically still a bit of a construction site, into something very pretty. 

Thanks to all of our residents for helping to make Oak Tree Warwick an attractive and welcoming village to live.

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