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The November Lilly

At Oak Tree Retirement Villages you enjoy a burden-free life where all lawn, garden and external maintenance is the responsibility of the Village Manager. But sometimes we understand that our residents have a green thumb and like to continue their gardening hobby. In fact, we love it when they do.

This beautiful November Lilly is the proud product of a lot of TLC from resident and garden guru Kathleen. 

It's full name is Lilium longiflorum and it's beauty is just captivating and extremely special when you consider it only flowers once a year. 

"It certainly has been standing tall in pride of place outside Kathleen's villa this past month and has been a wonderful addition to our village landscape," said Village Manager Ian

"It is refreshing to walk into the Village and see so much colour, love and attention in our gardens  and the entire community gets to enjoy it."

 All residents are encouraged to continue their gardening hobbies for as long as they wish and are able, after which Oak Tree can take back over and residents can simply sit back and relax. 








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