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Meet Bella

Bella is the proud pet of Harold and Kathleen Withers and together they live at  Oak Tree Retirement Village Riverway. 

Bella is a cheeky little pup who recently took a trip to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned. She was one of the first pets to make Oak Tree her new home. 

Bella is well behaved and has settled into life comfortably at Oak Tree. She brings her owners a great deal of joy and company and is certainly considered part of the Oak Tree family.

Oak Tree proudly welcomes pets into the our Villages understanding the many great benefits they bring to their owners. 

"A pet can become your greatest sense of company and at Oak Tree we have many residents who rely on their pet as their primary company,” says Oak Tree’s Managing Director Mark Bindon.

“Pets also offer a sense of security which is equally important.”

Oak Tree has put considerable effort into administering a pet policy which ensures the comfort of all residents, including non pet-owners, so that everyone can live harmoniously in the village. 

“If pets help our residents to feel more comfortable, secure and not alone – they are an important part of our passion to look after the needs of seniors and are very welcome in our villages.”






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Bella and her shiny new teeth

Bella and her shiny new teeth

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