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We may only be a village of 4 villas at this stage, but that isn’t stopping Oak Tree Goonellabah residents from making their impact in the gardens.  

Village Manager Catherine Bashforth has recognised another wonderful aspect of her job in the form of gardening tips.

"I am learning so much from our residents about the garden, being able to take their advice home means my once neglected roses are looking the best they have in years. I still have a long way to go before I match the beauty currently on display in the village, but the advice is very much appreciated,’’ she said.

 Along with fragrant roses there is an abundance of happy pansies and a steady stream of vegetables all being produced on site. It is only a snapshot of what is yet to come as the village grows.  

Of course the benefit to those that are not as keen to garden is that you can enjoy the displays of colour in our gardens without having to do the hard work. 

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