Goondiwindi trip to Toowoomba

Regional Area Manager Mary O’Neill and Village Manager Marian Doyle took a car load of “soon to be” Oak Tree Goondiwindi residents to Oak Tree Toowoomba for the day to show them a taste of the “good life!”

Oak Tree Retirement Village Goondiwindi is the first of its kind to market in the Goondiwindi region so this was an educational exercise for the ‘soon to be residents’ to see a fully grown village community in full swing. And in full swing it was!

The Goondiwindi guests were welcomed to the Village with open arms and were greeted by Oak Tree staff – Village Manager Sharon McManus, together with Cameron Goffage and Kate Erbs from head office, along with many Oak Tree Toowoomba residents who were happy to share their positive Oak Tree stories.

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Over a divine gourmet burger lunch, our guests took great pleasure in mingling and chatting with their new Toowoomba friends, and later were shown through the Village and some of the villas.

Over all the feedback was extremely positive, says Mary.

“It was a great opportunity for our new comers to see the different styled villages and villa designs, meet some new people and hear the inspiring stories of other fellow residents.

“Our Goondiwindi tribe, never having seen another retirement village before, could visibly see how happy the Toowoomba residents are, they could see the many lifestyle benefits on offer, and this helped to reaffirm their decision to make the move to Oak Tree. They could genuinely see it as the best decision moving forward.”

Big thanks goes to the Toowoomba Village for hosting the lunch and to all of the Toowoomba residents who participated in the lunch and shared their stories.

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Oak Tree Goondiwindi will be welcoming three new residents to the Village in the coming couple of months.

We look forward to welcoming you home!

Meet Kath – Gunnedah’s new VM

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Kathryn Blinman and I am proud to be the Village Manager at Oak Tree Retirement Village Gunnedah.

Originally from Lismore, I have relocated several times as an adult living in far North Queensland and later Tenterfield before falling deeply in love with the New England and Central West Region. From the coast to the inland, I’ve come full circle and have never felt more at home than in Gunnedah where I now reside with my husband and three children. Gunnedah is a fantastic community and offers true country town living and traditional values.

On a personal level I keep myself busy with my involvement in the St. Josephs’ Parish Pastoral Council. I am also an active member of a local gardening club, book club and Camera club where I explore my social and creative interests.

I have held various employment over the years, the most recent as a Teacher’s aide. When the role became available with Oak Tree I knew it was the new challenge I was looking for. I love interacting with the people on an everyday basis and helping them to achieve the dream of a fulfilling retirement.

Oak Tree have a caring nature – they genuinely treat their staff and all of their residents like family. There is a true, heartfelt interest to help seniors build a positive future and Oak Tree have their residents’ best interests in mind. Life in the Village is like the Oak Tree itself. The roots are planted deep and strong and with time and nurturing it grows into a strong thriving being that offers a sense of certainty, peace and tranquility to all who get to enjoy it.

I am looking forward to helping the Oak Tree Gunnedah community grow, seeing my residents settled and enjoying life and feeling the satisfaction of helping to build something life changing.

Come on by for a look around the Village and let me tell you more about Oak Tree.

Retire, Travel, Live – your home at Oak Tree is safe

It’s the retirement dream; finish work, reduce weekly debts and commitments, offload responsibilities and finally retire to a life where your time is yours to do the things you want to do and go to the places you want to go.

Making retirement dreams a reality, Oak Tree Retirement Villages is priced at the affordable end of the market freeing up capital for residents to comfortably enjoy their golden years.

Many Oak Tree residents have money left over in the bank from the sale of their family home once they make the move to Oak Tree.

What retirees do with this residual  money is different across the board, but travel is definitely high on the agenda.

Now, not only do they have the time and the money to travel; they also know their home at Oak Tree is in safe hands.

Uluru, Darwin, The Great Ocean Road, camping, caravanning, motor homing or relaxing in a waterfront unit smack bang on the beach – whatever the holiday destination, there is no need to worry about life back at home.

“Who will water the plants? What state is my lawn going to be in when I return? Will my home be safe from theft and burglary? Did I leave the stove on? Is everything tied down in the case of a storm? “I think I left the back window open!” are thoughts we all have when any of us travel but at Oak Tree we have it covered.

Oak Tree takes responsibility for all lawns, garden and external villa maintenance all year around and will take extra care of personal pot plants and private gardens whilst residents are away.

Should residents be concerned they have left the iron on by accident our onsite Village Manager will happily use their emergency master key to go in and check.

We’ll also make sure the house is locked up tight and keep a daily check on the property to ensure there has been no security breaches or damage from storms.

With like-minded neighbours and friends right next door there is even more support and people to keep an eye on things and there is also the added peace of mind that our villages are secure, gated communities.

We’ll even collect our residents’ mail and put it in safe keeping until our travellers return – anything to put our residents’ minds at rest so they can enjoy their holidays and their retirement.

Passionate about building respectful, carefree retirement communities, Oak Tree is the place to retire and afford your retirement dream.


The Selling Duo

Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick welcomed new residents to the Village just in time for Christmas after a successful couple of months in sales leading into the New Year, with more residents set to move to the Village soon.

The success is attributed to the team efforts of both Village Manager, Mary O’Neill, and LJ Hooker Agent, Leanne Cameron, who make the transition into retirement living as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Leanne 63

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Whilst Mary takes full responsibility for the sale of the villas, gently guiding prospective residents each step of the way, Leanne’s expertise in the property market comes in handy when contracts are subject to the sale of the family home.

As Warwick’s strongest performing agent, Leanne is qualified and goal orientated with a wealth of knowledge under her belt; she has successfully helped Oak Tree realise sales on several occasions and home owners to achieve positive results allowing them to confidently move into the next chapter of their lives sooner.

“The Oak Tree way of life offers many great benefits to seniors and if I can help you achieve a good result on the sale of your house, then I take great pleasure in knowing you are in good hands with Mary at the Village,” said Leanne.

“For me it is a privilege to interact with my Sellers at this time of their lives, to be invited to sell their property so they can transition into this quality, more supported lifestyle environment.”

Like all real estate markets there are peaks and troughs but for Leanne of LJ Hooker the market in the Southern Downs region has always been one of constant buyer interest, steady flow of sales contracts and a good flow of listings on the market.

“Over the past couple of years we have seen our buyer groups consist of those moving into our district under transfer for their employment, others seeking a life that affords them a ‘life’ outside the hustle and bustle of grid-lock city traffic/life as well as long-term rural folk who are moving off larger land holdings to Warwick and District to be nearer to social, medical, children and grandchildren,” said Leanne.

“Succession of generational farming life and sale of the family farm does see many choose Warwick as their ‘go to’ place when retiring from everyday rural life and just as importantly the young upwardly mobile also play a role in our market; they are often looking to upgrade from their first investment purchase or selling to then purchase land on which to build.

“I would always describe our market as good market, however it has not always necessarily been kind to sellers, nor yielded the dollars property deserves in my opinion.

“This is where it is critical for Sellers to have good knowledge of the market for themselves, so as to when they do engage their Agent they are in tune with what dollars they can expect for themselves.

“It’s important they remain proactive in ensuring the absolute best dollars are sought and attained in their sale as they transition towards a new independent residence, or retirement village living – whatever the case might be.

“From where I sit our market is a positive one, the reason I say this is the quality of the buyers moving into our region, the diverse backgrounds from which they come, and all the different age groups – How could we not grow positively?

“The secret to improving our good market is for Sellers/Vendors to know their true worth and sell true to their value.

“Sellers and we the Agents they employ ARE the catalyst, the coal-face in stimulating confidence and improvement in our region’s market

“I remain ready to work, list, market and sell for all who wish to sell their homes and relocate to this quality retirement living option here in Warwick,” said Leanne.

If you are thinking of retiring to enjoy a quality independent home in a low maintenance, secure environment with supportive friends, neighbours and staff, contact Mary at Oak Tree and Leanne from LJ Hooker today!

We care like family

“Oak Tree Retirement Villages have high expectations of me as a Village Manager, but they will never exceed my expectations of myself,” says Village Manager Catherine Bashforth.

With passionate and understanding Village Managers on board, retirement village living can be the smartest choice for all the family, says leading provider of retirement villages The Oak Tree Group whose business extends beyond just caring for residents to supporting extended families who have continued interest in mum/dad’s welfare.

“It’s unfortunate, but true – with full time jobs, households to run and families to raise life is hectic, and I often hear of the guilt and stress families feel when there isn’t enough time to check in on mum/dad as often as they’d wish,” said Catherine.

“And when there is time, it’s not quality time as visitations are taken up with helping out around the house doing chores mum/dad are no longer as capable of.”

Settling down into an Oak Tree retirement community which is friendly, respectful and family focused can help alleviate some of this strain on both residents and families.

“My goal as Village Manager is twofold; to help establish a community where my residents can feel secure and supported in retirement and, in turn, to give families peace of mind that mum and dad’s needs are being well looked after,” said Catherine.

“One of the greatest benefits that I can provide is a level of confidence and assurance to both my residents, and their families, that I am efficiently running the village to the best of my ability, and I’m regularly onsite to make sure everything and everyone is ok, even on days when family can’t be present.

“This alone can ease the burden on families and help my residents feel more comfortable,” she said.

Living in a community of like-minded friends and neighbours also helps families feel at ease in the knowing that mum/dad have company on hand.

“Alongside me there is an amazing support network of fellow friends offering genuine neighbourly support,” said Catherine.

“Residents have their own space but they are never alone and there is always someone nearby to help, share or talk with, not to mention a variety of social activities available for endless entertainment.”
Oak Tree’s low maintenance lifestyle where all lawns and gardens are maintained by Village Management helps free up time when family comes to visit. Even the light globes are replaced by Oak Tree.

“Instead of running around doing odd jobs and chores like mowing the lawns, I’m thrilled to see families relaxing and enjoying quality time together in the village or getting out and about making good use of the time,” said Catherine.

With over a decade’s experience in the industry Oak Tree understands a happy retirement community is about more than just bricks and mortar, it’s about making the retirement years count, creating memories, supporting one another and enjoying life.

“Every step of the way from the first visit to the village, to moving and settling in, right through to the very last day or when it’s time to say goodbye, we are devoted to supporting our residents, and their families, to enjoy an easier way of life,” said Catherine.

“I personally feel privileged to get to know my residents like family and be part of their lives.”

Visit Oak Tree today and experience our family atmosphere for yourselves.

Kingston Last Stage Now Selling!

Oak Tree Retirement Village Kington is excited to announce the release of eight villas for sale in our final stage!

Scheduled for completed by the end of September 2017, villas will be priced from an affordable $295,000.

These two bedroom homes, with either one or two bathrooms, offer open plan living, good sized bedrooms with built in ward-robes, a practical bathroom and a stylish kitchen overlooking the dining, living and alfresco living spaces. Each villa comes with quality fixtures, fittings and appliances throughout including reverse-cycle heat pumps and are insulated for year round comfort.

As one of the lucky last to secure a brand new home at Oak Tree Kingston, you’ll be greeted by your friendly neighbours and Village Manager, have access to the Village Centre and community facilities and enjoy our low maintenance way of life in our secure, gated community. We are also pet friendly so your pet is most welcome too!

Start planning your retirement now so you don’t miss out. Call Peter Crosswell on 0428 756 994 for a tour!

Sneak peek of Armidale new design

Oak Tree Retirement Village Armidale is excited to announce the completion of our brand new Nolan design.

This beautiful two bedroom, 1 bathroom plus powder room is the first of its kind in our Village blending practicality and modern, stylish design.

The largest of our two bedders, the Nolan offers open plan living, good sized bedrooms with built in wardrobes, an internal laundry, practical bathroom, and corner kitchen with breakfast bar overlooking the dining, living and alfresco living spaces.

You’ll find this home easy to manage as you move in and make it your own. As a new resident you’ll also be greeted by your friendly neighbours, have access to the Village centre and community facilities and enjoy our low maintenance way of life in our secure, gated community.

Priced from $295,000, the Nolan design is a must see! Take a sneak peek, and beat the crowds, before our Open Day on February 4th.

Call Kate to arrange a preview tour on 0407 333 453.

New year, new lifestyle

The decision of where to spend their retirement years weighs heavily on many seniors with the option to stay at home, move in with family, or move to a retirement village, and it is often the topic of conversation around the family table at Christmas and New Year.

The decision to move into a retirement village can cause a lot of anxiety, but need not, after a casual visit and a simple chat with the Oak Tree team.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages has 28 villages across the east coast of Australia and over ten years’ experience in the industry making us well versed in correctly explaining the ins and outs of retirement living so that seniors can make a clear and conscious decision about whether or not it is for them.

“Often the biggest concern about retirement living is confusion such as “retirement villages are nursing homes and only old people live there” or “retirement villages are expensive” or “life is too restrictive in a village” or people grapple with the idea of downsizing,”

“We avoid the hard sell and realise that community living is not for everyone, but usually find once people visit the village, see the homes and community facilities that are on offer as well as meet the staff and the other residents, the lifestyle benefits become apparent and village living becomes a more viable option.

“The best advice I can give someone considering where to live in their retirement years, is to consider more than just the home where they eat and sleep; consider what else is readily available to them and what they think they might need now, and further down the road as their needs change, to make them happy and content.

Security, companionship, social activities, low-maintenance living, easy access to public transport, on-site Village Management, health and wellbeing information and support, 24 hour emergency call services, in-home community care, on-site community facilities such as a pool, bowls green and community centre, convenient locations near to shops, medical facilities and social venues, and affordability are all additional benefits Oak Tree offer, along with age friendly and independent homes.

“Oak Tree is a family owned company and we pride ourselves on being open with nothing to hide.”

“The company Directors and Management Staff regularly visit the villages and always welcome a friendly chat with our residents.”

Most Oak Tree Retirement Villages are open for inspection Monday-Friday from 10am- 2pm.

“January and February are busy months for us so if you are deciding what you should do, please come by for a look, you might be pleasantly surprised by Oak Tree.”

As the year comes to a close…

What a year it has been at Oak Tree Retirement Villages.

Our days of running just a handful of Villages are long gone. Instead The Group collectively now manages 28 Villages across the east coast of Australia, and growing.

This year we continued our regional focus and hub strategy launching brand new villages in Bathurst and Gunnedah in NSW along with Goondiwindi and Norman Gardens (Rockhampton) in sunny Queensland. We’ve sold down Toowoomba and will be kick starting our second Village in Darling Heights in the new year. We’ve made sales from as far north as Cairns to as far south as Kingston in Tasmania and we have continued construction in various villages, making sales along the way and getting closer and closer to the finish line.

We’ve welcomed many new residents and continued to build friendships. We’ve socialsed with high teas, market days, race days, birthdays and open days. We’ve welcomed on board new staff members both at Village level and at head office, and we have been planning, planning and planning for a big 2017.

Next year we’ll be hitting the ground running and will be bringing to you new villages in Taylor St Armidale, Dubbo, and Mudgee. But before then…we’ll be enjoying a much deserved Christmas break.

To all of our residents, prospective residents, suppliers and friends we wish you a safe and merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Until next year….

Adani secure brighter future for Oak Tree and local seniors

The recent confirmation Mining Company Adani will mine coal in Queensland and employ Queensland locals is positive news for the retirement sector says The Oak Tree Group who has regionally based Villages in Townsville, Rockhampton and soon to come, Mackay.

Announcing it will base headquarters in Townsville with project sourcing centres in Mackay, Rockhampton, Emerald and surrounds, Oak Tree expects Adani will help strengthen the local economy, boost employment and mobilise the housing market which will in turn help retiree’s confidently transition into a retirement community.

“Most seniors need to sell their family home before moving into a retirement village,” said Managing Director of The Oak Tree Group Mr Mark Bindon.

“More jobs typically means improvements to the property market; we should start seeing more liquidity in real estate in these areas.

“Large family homes on larger blocks and in prime locations nearby to schools, shops and public transport will be in high demand and easier to sell, particularly to young growing families employed by the mines.

“This increased momentum will help seniors to realise a higher equity in their homes and a quicker, smoother step into retirement living with many still able to enjoy more money left over in the bank after the sale of their home,” he said.

Oak Tree Villas a priced affordably allowing more seniors the opportunity to comfortably afford and enjoy a relaxed maintenance free retirement lifestyle.

“Most retirees who move into one of our villas enjoy surplus cash in the bank which they can use to save for the family inheritance, go on a holiday, buy a new car or new furniture or spend it however they please.

“With growing confidence in the market, it certainly is the time to start preparing your property to put it up for sale and consider your next step in retirement,” said Mr Bindon.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages offer stylish, independent living villas in a secure gated community where there are like-minded friends and neighbours nearby.

Residents can access all Village amenities at their leisure as well as relax in the knowledge that the onsite Village Manager is on hand to take care of the day to day running of the Village which includes all lawn and garden maintenance as well up keep of all communal areas and villa facades.

Oak Tree villages are pet friendly and encourage social environments with regular social activities and new found friendships.

Oak Tree Townsville, Park Avenue (Rockhampton) and the soon to launch village in Norman Gardens (Rockhampton) are selling now. Tour an Oak Tree Village near you today or phone 1300 367 155.